Alumni - RIT

To create visibility for RAAH activities, knowledge sharing and technical information of current trends in industry.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • To engage maximum number of stakeholders on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • To invest in alumni-networking events, career services, business support, continuing education opportunities and use of campus facilities.
  • To provide targeted personalized content.
  • To plan, schedule and execute all the meetings on behalf of RAAH
  • To manage all the communications on behalf of RAAH
  • To promote RAAH activities using all available platforms

Social Media Presence: On Facebook @ 5000, LinkedIn @ 1275, WhatsApp @ 1400, YouTube @ 79 subscribers, Telgram as well as on Twitter


Logo Design Competition: In competition 104 designs were received. In tree regerious rounds of selection, best design is selected.

Cultural Forum:

  • On 22nd August 2020 and 5th September 2020 conducted cultural programs. Various RITians participated, attended and enjoyed the programs.
  • On 14th November 2020, Prof. Prakash Jadhav performed Natyavachan titled Khas Tumchyasathi, accompanied by Mrs. Dnyneshwari Patil. It’s writer is Mrs. Gayatri Mulye, production head is Dr. Sandip Patil and Technical support was given by Prof. Akshay Kulkarni. RAAH specially mention Islampur Natya Parishad for their support.
  • On 6th March 2021 Mr. Kalidas Patil, delivered session on Chala Manacha Lockdown Ughduya.


K.E. Society's Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology Rajaramnagar, Islampur, Dist. Sangli, Maharashtra, India - 415414.

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