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Er. Nazir Shaikh, 
( President - RIT Alumni Association )

Dear Alumni,

I am really glad presenting this New Version of our Alumni website as was intended by us to help revive our nostalgia by making us go down the memory lane. Happy to launch this site on this auspicious day of 1st August which is the foundation day of RIT also marks the Birth day of the great visionary leader Late. Shree Rajarambapu Patil and this year being the year of birth centenary of this legend, Let’s honour his memories by paying our respect to him! I think dedicating this web would be the most appropriate gesture in commemoration of our founder !

With the launch of this website ( our Alumni spread out all over the world working in different time zones should be at par emotionally attached through this web as were also otherwise with our Alma matter.

आशियाना यादोंका अपना
तय सा हो 
याद आए तो महकता वो 
इत्र सा हो 
खुशबु जहनमे जिसकी हो
ताऊम्र ताजा
वो जमाना rit के हमारे 
दिनों जैसा हो ।।

Guys as you all know through rit e-communique published regularly and our organisation’s scheduled meets on campus and recently online on zoom and other apps that our RIT has come a long way on the path of excellence and had grown in leaps and bounds. Nowadays RIT is the popular and respected brand of technical education; All thanks to the visionary leaders in board of governance Hon. Shri. Jayant Patil; minister of irrigation and command area development authority and his brother Hon. Shri. Bhagatsinh Patil, both of them are keen and actively persuading in raising the standard of excellence, supported by our eminent faculty members led by director Dr. Mrs. S. S. Kulkarni. No wonders we are autonomous today and tomorrow may be recognized with the status of independent university of education !!

Our association is also growing with the growth of RIT, we have Mumbai chapter working actively and Pune and New Bombay chapters to be active soon !!

we really want you to stay connected with the institute to help it grow with your knowledge in the industry in cutting edge technology. You are always welcome to the campus to share it with students by delivering expert lectures, seminars, webinars and conferences. 

We are extremely proud of our Alumni on their achievements in their enterprises and organizations, many of you are at top notch positions, who should come forward in training and placing of students as well inviting them for internships- thereby strengthening the bond of gratitude and motivating other Alumni members for the same.

RIT has made us proud alumni and now its our turn to give back to our Almamater in whatever best way we can. Kindly find annexed the chart to guide you donating your monetary contribution voluntarily to the “Gratitude funds” setup after suggestions by our members in Mumbai meet in 2016 for annexed purposes.

We are glad in streamlining your efforts by utilising the gratitude fund to help the needy students, honouring the talent by sponsoring the medals and prizes, availing the institute various equipments donated by our member Alumni in loving memory of their near ones. I thank all those for their good wishes extended to Alma matter through our Alumni Association the list of which is also Annexed herewith

I appeal all of you guys to join hands for such noble causes so that our association can plan for bigger targets making our association a proud stream of volunteers of Alma matter !

To carry out such activities effectively we have renewed our website for healthy interactions among ourselves please go through various new features and avenues in it n revert with your inputs also post short 1 min memory bytes to this web portal which shall truly reflect our strong connect, status and image !! Make the most of it for betterment of our Association !!!

I wish all a safe, sound, exciting and prosperous future and All the success of life !!! 

Always shine and be Blessed!  Stay safe ….stay connected !!


K.E. Society's Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology Rajaramnagar, Islampur, Dist. Sangli, Maharashtra, India - 415414.

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